Mar 25, 2014

Baking Artisan Bread

In this blog, I am going to document my recent sourdough bread baking experiences with my favorite recipes from Ken Forkish's Flour Water Salt Yeast and Chad Robertson's Tartine Bread and Tartine Book No. 3. These three books have been inspiring me with the two author/bakers' in-depth knowledge and passions about artisan bread baking, and I have been learning quite a bit from their books. I highly recommend these books to anyone who is interested in baking real artisan bread at home. (I did not list the detailed info regarding the amount of each ingredient in the recipe, so if you are interested in baking any bread from here, you can find the recipes and precise instructions in the books I mentioned.)

In my baking procedures posted in this blog, I combined the best of both bakers' methods that suit me (like I use Robertson's 'float test' to see if the levain is ready, and I use Forkish's mixing instructions with pinching and folding method, etc.). So the baking process I describe in this blog will not be exactly the same as their books or recipes suggested. I think that the important thing for home bakers like us is to experiment many different ways by referring to master bakers' methods, to create personalized recipes that will suit our individual way of living. My goal is to make the most ideal loaf that will satisfy all my five senses - the loaf that I have been dreaming about and will love from the bottom of my heart.

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