Sep 17, 2017

Ken Forkish's Overnight Country Brown with Sesame Seeds

My arrangement of Ken Forkish's Overnight Country Brown from Flour Water Salt Yeast, with the addition of toasted sesame seeds.

I love this Overnight Country Brown's recipe, which uses a very long slow (8-15 hours) fermentation. By using a smaller amount of young levain and taking a very long time for slow fermentation, this method brings out more complex tastes and flavors from the dough to result in a wonderful loaf. 

With the addition of roasted sesame seeds, the bread gained extra depth both in the flavor and the taste. The crust is so thin and crispy, and the inside crumb is soft and moist, with nice chewy texture and rich nutty aroma, certainly enhanced by the long slow bulk fermentation. Compared with the Field Blend #2 with sesame seeds, the crumb seemed to be tenderer with bigger holes. The way the whole wheat and sesame flavors melded into one was really nice - this might be the best sesame sourdough bread I ever had. 

Overnight Country Brown (with Sesame Seeds)

2:00AM Mix leaven (water=65F)
7:00AM Float test (passed)
7:14AM Autolyse (flour + 85F water)
7:44AM Final mix + add sesame seeds
8:15AM Bulk fermentation starts (Initial DT=78F)
5:05PM Bulk fermentation ends (Final DT=73F)
5:08PM Pre-shape / Bench rest
5:30PM Final proof starts (in the fridge)
8:15PM Final proof ends
7:30PM Oven on @475F
8:15PM Baking (30 min. with the lid, 20 min. without the lid)
9:05PM Take out the loaf from the oven

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