Sep 19, 2017

Tartine Country Bread

I baked Tartine sourdough country bread, with the recipe and instructions from Chad Robertson's Tartine Bread'. For the first time, I think I finally got the hang of how the dough should feel when the bulk fermentation is done. It is airily and fluffy, soft but not sticky or dull. It feels like handling a delicate plumpy balloon filled with air. In order to bring the dough to this desirable condition, it seems to be crucial to keep the dough temperature around 77F-80F (ideally in a proofing box) during the entire bulk fermentation process. 

The oven spring was great, and I am very happy with the result this time. The bulk fermentation time was 3.5 hours, and the final proof time was 1 hour and 40 minutes at 79F in a bread proofing box. (Room temperature was 67F.) Perhaps the dough was a little bit under-fermented (it has risen only 15% or so), so I will take a little longer time for the bulk fermentation next time. 

The pizza stone seemed to work very well to prevent the bottom of the loaf from being burnt too much.

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